Spreading The Word – Oceans Initiative

As I mentioned last week, in this post I am going to talk about the amazing guys at Oceans Initiative. They are a team of scientists who’s aim is to research marine life in order to increase our understanding and protect it in an ever changing world. They work in Canada and beyond looking at all kinds of marine life from whales and dolphins all the way to sharks and seabirds.

Oceans Initiative - Science for the sea. (Image from: http://www.oceansinitiative.org)

Oceans Initiative – Science for the sea. (Image from: http://www.oceansinitiative.org)

I was lucky enough to get to know and work with the scientists at Oceans Initiative during my masters degree when I contacted Dr. Rob Williams one of the co-founders and he happily agreed to share one of their vast data sets with me and also to co-supervise my thesis on vessel noise in Haro Strait, BC. Contacting Rob about Oceans Initiative’s research and thesis potential was one of the best decisions I have ever made and led me to where I am today as a scientist. As I said in my previous post, make the leap and contact those interesting researchers.

Mighty Mentors

What a great thing to have! Someone you look up to and admire as a scientist and who gives you support and the time of day when you are just a little upstart. I was lucky enough to come by one when I was in search of a masters project and am so very glad that I found them. They have guided me, given me great advice and helped me out when I couldn’t see the next step. You can ask them the tough questions, the “stupid”* questions, the what would you do questions! Your own personal Chuck Norris! In return, you will hopefully help them out being a research or field assistant and doing the grunt work that helps you learn. Mine put me in touch with some amazing researchers, brought me in to help on some excellent ┬áresearch, introduced me to acoustics and helped me get the most out of my masters degree. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them and their support of a marine mammal loving British girl who contacted them out of the (deep) blue.