How Do You Find Focus?

A little change of pace with this post as I reach out to you. Yes You, out there!

How do you find focus and keep it? What do you do in order to keep going on one topic for hours? Especially in this world of continuous bombardment from social media, 24 hour news and a growing inability to “switch off” from everything.

You all know I love what I do as a career. I do however find it a struggle to focus sometimes. Some days I find it so hard to keep my focus on the task at hand even when I am so interested in the topic. Other times I do just fine and at crutch time there is no stopping me. However, I wish I had that momentum every day…maybe that is quite a BIG ask! I do hate being disappointed in myself and am probably pretty hard on myself too.

So What Helps You?


A run in the morning use to help me I think or it was a placebo effect of thinking it would help so it helped…Buuuuut at the moment my ankles are not a fan of the whole running thing (Doctors appointment to be booked!) but, I think there is a chance that I am actually missing it! Do you run or do other workouts that keep you going and help you focus?

Morning Run - Feels good, helps you focus?

Morning Run – Feels good, helps you focus?

What about a good snack?

I know that having nibbles and making sure that I don’t get hungry (HANGRY!) is key to keeping going! However, sitting and eating all day somedays isn’t the healthiest (will need to get on that running again!) even if I do try to choose healthy snacks sometimes it is hard to resist…:

Not the healthier choice this one but they sure were yummy!

Not the healthier choice this one but they sure were yummy!

Little Tipple?

What about when you work late into the evening? Do you find a little tipple helps of hinders?

I am sure that a nice glass of wine is sometimes the lubricant for good work that takes you into the twilight hours.

A Nice Glass Of Study Aid!

A Nice Glass Of Study Aid!


For me TV is a big NoNo! If I get sucked in there is most likely no work happening at home for that hour! But I know there are some people out there who swear by having some trashy TV on in the background while they read and write! Can you work with the TV on?

Background TV?

Background TV?

How about some good tunes?

This I find does really help me. Headphones on some good songs blaring or even some good talk radio! When I was in Canada last summer I couldn’t get any music radio while I was so remote so CBC Radio became the background noise that I work too. It’s nice to have something more than pure silence.

Classic Radio

Classic Radio

Do you write lists?

Do they keep you motivated? How about scheduling your day? Do you like to do that to the minute or to the hour? When I have a lot going on I find the structure of a schedule works really well however it is important to get that schedule down the night before otherwise you’ll waster time in the morning doing it.

To Do Lists!

To Do Lists!

How do you get started?

What do you do to get started with a blank page staring at you? Where do you find that initial push and focus of energy?

Getting Started...

Staring at the great white expanse…

What about having a study buddy?

Obviously this can’t always work when you are in an office but how about at home? Does a furry friend or your less furry colleague working with you help your progress more?

Study Buddy To The Rescue!

Study Buddy To The Rescue!

Your Input Is Very Welcome Here!

Right now I am applying for jobs, applying for grants and applying for school! I need all the focus that I can get. I want to keep the momentum going when I find it!

I got into a funk recently when I felt no progress was being made in any of the areas I was working on. So I am looking to you dear internet readers, how do you keep focus, stay away from procrasonation and get the work done? When you don’t have a deadline and you are working for yourself what do you do?

Let me know in the comments below, I would love your input! Send me your tips and tricks

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