A Little Jet-Lagged Hello And A New Facebook Page

Unfortunately I don’t have a big new blog post for you this week as I have been travelling back to London and with all the lack of sleep, jet lag, and puppy love I have not been able to write a post up to completion.

I however have several ideas lined up that will come about next week for you all to read! Some ideas for posts include the following:

  • More Current and Topical Issues
  • Crowd Funding
  • Data Collection Methods

Hit me up in the comments if there are any Marine Biology, Marine Mammal Science and Conservation Science topics you would love to hear more about! I would also love to hear more tips on keeping focus on last weeks post!

I have also set up a Facebook page for Deep Blue Conversations. You can head over there and join in the conversation, see interesting news and science posts that don’t make it to full blog post formats and get notifications of new posts. So come on over and say “Hello” to Deep Blue Conversations on Facebook! I would love it if you would Like us…!

See You Next Week!

See You Next Week!

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