2015-2016 World Oceans Day Theme Announced…

World Oceans Day has announced the new theme for the 2015-2016 World Oceans Day……

“Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet.”


How brilliant. I love it.

They are promoting how the oceans influence so many parts of our lives and the planet, just like our hearts pump blood and nourish all areas of our body!

Artisanal_Sierra Leone

Artisanal Fishery Sierra Leone

The ocean provides food for millions of people around the world, is home to so much magnificent wildlife that we find joy and work with. Further to this, the ocean helps to regulate our climate, produce oxygen, and is a massive sink for carbon dioxide. We need to take care of the ocean as it is vital for both our and future generations survival.

A humpback whale in Johnstone Strait, British Columbia.

A humpback whale in Johnstone Strait, British Columbia.

World Oceans Day are encouraging participants to:

“Focus on what actions each of us can take to protect the ocean and safeguard vulnerable communities and places. Please focus on whatever issues you think are most important in your community for a healthy ocean future.”

In addition to this you will be able to visit WorldOceansDay.org for extra resources and information with a particular focus on plastic pollution in our oceans. This is a pollution that has come to forefront in this past year and needs to be both cleaned up and bought to a stop.

Marine debris from below in Hawaii (Image Source: NOAA).

If you are planning to hold an event for World Oceans Day in 2015 you can sign up here and let them know so they can keep you up to date and in the know!

Share your thoughts on this theme below. I would love to hear them.

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