Riveting Reads.

Humpback Whale Blow And Companions Back in British Columbia

A new weekly section I thought I would introduce to Deep Blue Conversations. Here I will share links to blogs, news articles, scholarly articles and images I am loving this week. Do you like this idea? Let me know!

GiraffesSilent Extinction. Sad news for our favourite tall mammal.

Climate Change: Australia named worst-performing industrial country. Depressing news for a former leader.

BBCearthBack To Nature By George Monbiot. Beautiful Article.

What’s Killing Southern Resident Killer Whales: Only 77 Individuals Left. Heartbreaking combination of pollution, lack of prey and live-capture industry.

A Pledge To Plant20 Million Hectares Trees to be planted by Latin American Countries by 2020.

Sperm WhaleRare Birth Footage. Amazing!

Killer Whale: Entanglement Rescue in New Zealand. Brilliant Footage.

Favourite New Blog: Tenure, She Wrote. Brilliant women in academia at all levels.

Despicable Theft: Teeth Stolen From J32 the Southern Resident Killer Whale that sadly died last week.

Hottest Year Ever: Extreme weather events and their impact in pictures from around the world.

What have you been reading this week? Let me know in the comments below.

You can also follow along on the Deep Blue Conversations Facebook Page. I post interesting articles related to marine conservation, share awesome stories as well as photos from the marine conservation and environmental world in general. Come on over and have a look!

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