Riveting Reads.

Humpback Whale Blow And Companions Back in British Columbia

A new weekly section I have introduce. A list of links of blogs, news articles, scholarly articles and images I am loving this week. Do you like this idea? Let me know!

J32 SRKW: Preliminary Necropsy Report from The Centre for Whale Research. Interesting read.

NOAA Special Report: On Southern Resident Killer Whales. Lots of info.

Northern White Rhinos: Only five left. Sixth died of natural causes in San Diego Zoe. Heartbreaking for this species.

Massive Oil Spill Just Outside UNESCO World Heritage Site: South Bangladesh, near Sundarbans conservation area. The first dead cetacean has been found. Sad news

Life History Transmitter Tag: Autopsies from Space” monitoring Steller sea lions via satellite to find out where and why sea lions are dying. FASCINATING!!

Drones For Conservation: Flying drones to count endangered animals, cut down surgery times and protect monitory protected areas. Exciting methods.

Hawksbill Sea Turtle: Conservation efforts have led to an increase in numbers in Nicaragua. A win for reducing human impact.

Forests Not Growing From Increased CO2 As Expected: New research says tropical forests density may be increasing but, they are not growing faster as previously thought. Further experimentation is planned.

Pressure To Ban Diclofenac: A medicine for livestock that poisons vultures and other birds when they feed on the corpses of cows. The ban needs to be enforced.

Life ­– a status report: A report from Nature gives a status report of life on earth. The gaps in human knowledge on the planets biodiversity hampers our understanding however, it appears we are heading towards the sixth “great extinction“! Interesting report but, sad news!

What have you been reading this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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