Riveting Reads – Merry Christmas Week!

Watch out for the Narwhal at Christmas Time! Image ©Liz Climo

Watch out for the Narwhal at Christmas Time! Image ©Liz Climo

Can you beehive it is nearly Christmas! Happy Christmas Eve-Eve! This will probably be my last post before christmas and the New Year! So a Happy Holidays to you all!

Here is a list of links of blogs, news articles, scholarly articles and images I am loving this week.

Large PredatorsThriving in Europe! Land sharing making this a possibility and not a conflict.

Stunning Video: From WDC showing amazing footage of killer whales and humpback whales in Norway! Beautiful to watch.

2008 Stranded Minke Whale Mystery: Solved after Bob Pitman, of the USA’s National Marine Fisheries Service, saw the images! It was killer whales, they love the tongue of large whales!

Shrimp Climate Change Taste Test: A more acidic ocean equals some bad tasting shrimp! A way to kickstart people into action?

Deepest Dwelling Fish: Footage captured in the Mariana Trench of a species of snailfish at 8,145 metres! You can see them at 1:45 on the video.

Rare Great Barrier Reef Occurrence: The reef spawned for the second time this year. It is usually only a once a year spectacle.

Koalas Face Extinction: Stronger protection and action is needed for our favourite eucalyptus chewing marsupials.

Orangutangs Are Non-Human Persons: A landmark ruling means that an orangutan in a  Buenos Aires zoo can be released in to a sanctuary. This amazing court case paves the way for more rulings in the future.

What have you been reading this week? Let me know in the comments below.

A HAPPY HAPPY Holidays to you all!

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