The Fieldwork Comedown

We have been back from the field officially for two weeks now and getting back in to the swing of desk life


Desk Life (Pre-Snacks!!).

It has been tough to go from every day on the ocean to everyday at a screen! This is the other side of the awesomeness, the side where I get to work out what I learnt and how it can be used. The side where I get to disseminate my research once I have researched it and also the side where I get to reconnect with my other colleagues who were not in the field with me to bounce ideas off them and hear their opinion. That part is actually awesome to get a different perspective to my own and expand my thinking beyond the bubble I was in for weeks in the field. Sometimes when you are in your bubble for a long time you struggle to see what is right in front of your nose!

Snack are VERY necessary!

Snack are VERY necessary!

Also, if you are lucky (like me) you have pretty wonderful colleagues who are more than happy to make introductions for you, send you a paper that crossed their path and may not have made it to yours, and also who just want to grab a cup of tea and discuss life, love and cetaceans!


Missing these black and white cetaceans!

I am missing the open ocean but I feel lucky to be back with a crowd of like minded and unbelievably smart individuals.

You can also follow along on the Deep Blue Conversations Facebook Page. I post interesting articles related to marine conservation, share awesome stories as well as photos from the marine conservation and environmental world in general. Come on over and have a look! I also have Twitter come and join the conversation you can find me as @Leila_Lula!

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