Riveting Reads.



A (sometimes) weekly post of riveting reads from my travels around the internet this week! A selection of links, blogs, news articles, scholarly articles and images I am currently loving.

Researches delve into the nuances of sperm whale vocalisations: The scientists findings show cultural transmission of the vocalisations through generations are key and suggest evidence of human-like complex culture and multi-level social structures in sperm whale clans.

Birds reveal the evolutionary importance of love: When birds choose their own mate they have 37% more reproductive success than when they have their mate chosen by scientists. There is also a GrrlScientist write up on it here.

Shark alarm in Perth: Curtin University (where I am visiting) and Mullaloo Surf Life Saving Club have joined together to create BeachLAB. The alert system works by recognising marine animals there were previously tagged with acoustic tags and are travelling though the area. See a video about it here.

If we burn all fossils fuels we are in for dire sea level rises: A new paper indicates that if we burn them all the rise could be as much as 60 meters over the next 1000+ years but even over the short term of 100 years we could see a 3 meters increase.

A bad year ahead for coral bleaching in Hawaii: With warmer than normal temperatures around Hawaii set to continue this year the coral will not have time to recover from last years bleaching event.

Last but not least a little self plug: My first paper came out last week and is on the vocalisations of killer whales in the Bremer Canyon, Western Australia. Please have a read!

What have you been reading this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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