Riveting Reads.


Stranded_Sperm_Whales_Dan Kitwood_Getty Images

©Dan Kitwood/Getty Images via The Guardian

A post of riveting reads from my travels around the internet this week! A selection of links, blogs, news articles, scholarly articles and images I am currently loving.

Four Sperm Whales Strand On UK Coast: Likely a part of larger pod which stranded off the coasts Germany and the Netherlands since the beginning of the year. Such a sad sight to see. I plan to follow up with more information as post-mortem results come in!

Peer Review…: We all go though it when sending our manuscripts out into the woods that is reviewer one, two, and three and their opinions. Here are the ins and outs of the process!

Zika Virus: It is EVERYWHERE right now. I have a friend who will be researching it and from her mentioning it at the end of last year to now, the news cycle is all over it! BUT, what do we need to know about this little understood virus. Remember, DON’T PANIC!

The Mighty Kick Of The Secretary Bird Has been Quantified: The gorgeous predatory bird’s prey is highly venomous snakes that it needs to take out quickly. It does this with a kick that is five to six times the birds body weight!

What have you been reading this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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