Riveting Reads.



A weekly post of riveting reads from my travels around the internet this week! A selection of links, blogs, news articles, scholarly articles and images I am currently loving.

Statistics Can Be Misleading: See how with this TED talk by Mark Liddell.

New Paper By My Friend Dr. Kate Sprogis (and MUCRU): On the sex differences in abundance, movements, and survival of bottlenose dolphins off south-west Australia. The article is Open Access so go and read it now!

Common Misconceptions About Evolution: Always good to have a refresher and to know how to address peoples most common confusions.

Funny Take On The New Old Spice Advert: Six ways the ad violates the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Absolutely Horrific Public Behaviour: An endangered Franciscana dolphin in Argentine has died after it washed up and beach-goers jostled to take selfies with it. Heartbreaking.

The First Elephant Orphanage Is To Open In Tanzania: Due to renewed and intense poaching the centre will be opened to rescue, rehabilitate, and eventually release elephants which have been separated from their mothers at a young age.

What have you been reading this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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