Happy #GivingTuesday!

After the excesses of the long week and weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales comes a day of relief and giving…Giving Tuesday! Today is a day where you can give back a little (or a lot) to a charity of your choice!

I thought I would give some of my favourite options this Giving Tuesday!

  • Oceans Initiative – now you know I love this group having had the opportunity to go out and see what they do and collaborate on my Masters research with them.
  • Jane Goodall Institue – she is an amazing lady and you can donate to help her and her institutes work against the illegal bushmeat trade among other important causes.
  • Channel Islands Cetacean Research Unit (CICRU) – a small but leading esearch group working on cetacean health who believe in “One Ocean, One Health”.
  • Sea Turtle Conservancy – working towards ensuring the survival of sea turtle species throughout the Pacific, Atlantic and Caribbean.
  • WildAid – a charity fighting illegal wildlife trade a cause that is extremely important and needs to be supported. It is close to my heart as I have good friends who work to fight illegal wildlife trade.
  • Ocean Conservancy – a big charity that do a lot of good work that covers vast areas of marine conservation rather than one specific cause.

This list is obviously not exhaustive and I will add to it when I can but, think about giving a little to an environmental charity and cause you believe in this Giving Tuesday!

Ocean Clouds

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