This page links to the various newspaper articles, TV interviews, press releases and online media that have featured my research and work.

Chesapeake Bay DolphinWatch

WUSA9 Washington DC (August 2017)Dolphin sightings on the rise in the Chesapeake Bay.

A short write up about why the dolphins may be in the Chesapeake Bay and a news segment on #OffScriptOn9 about the Chesapeake dolphins and the recent pink dolphin sighting in Louisiana.

DCist (July 2017) – Dolphin Watchers Wanted: Researchers Ask For Help Tracking Sightings In The Chesapeake.

A short article on why our public sightings database is important and how the public is helping our research.

ABC2News Baltimore (July 2017) – Researchers need your help to study dolphins in the Chesapeake Bay.

A short write up and news segment on ABC2News WMAR-TV with Dr. Helen Bailey and Amber Fandel of the UMCES DolphinWatch project.

ABC7 Washington DC (July 2017)  Dolphin sightings in the Chesapeake Bay becoming more frequent.

An article on the DolphinWatch project and a short news segment for ABC 7 News – WJLA.

The Ocean CleanUp

ABC7 San Francisco (October 2016) Researchers at Moffett Field aim to clean Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

An article on the The Ocean Clean Up Aerial Expedition over the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and a short news segment about our first flight on Ocean Force One.

Bremer Canyon Killer Whale Research

PLOS Blogs (March 2017) – Wolves of the Sea: Killer Whales and the First Observed Predation on Beaked Whales in the Southern Hemisphere.

A blog post by Nicholas Martino, a PLOS ONE senior publications assistant, about our paper on observations of  killer whale predations in the Bremer Canyon.

Scoop Magazine (Spring 2015 – Published October 2015) Killer Encounters.

A longer article on the Bremer Canyon tours, our killer whale research and the Bremer Bay area.

Curtin University Media Release (September 2015) – Curtin orca-strates vital killer whale research.

A wonderfully punny title for this media release on the Bremer Canyon killer whale acoustics paper published in PLOS ONE.

Australian Geographic (June 2015) – Australian town a killer place to see orcas.

An article describing the unique location that is the Bremer Canyon and the research we are conducting in it.

The West Australian (April 2015) – Bremer Canyon turns on orca feast.

An article from the end of the 2015 Bremer Canyon killer whale season

The West Australian (February 2015) – WA whale puzzle to be probed.

This article in The West Australian talks about the noise logger that I along with The Centre for Marine Science and Technology (CMST) deployed in the Bremer Canyon in February 2015.

Being A Marine Biologist

Conservation Careers (December 2013) – How to start out in marine biology?

In this article for Conservation Careers I talk about life as a marine biologist, how I got started and give advice for future marine biologists. You can read a blog by me about this article here.