This page links to the various newspaper articles, press releases and online media that have featured my research and work.

Bremer Canyon Killer Whale Research

PLOS Blogs (March 2017) – Wolves of the Sea: Killer Whales and the First Observed Predation on Beaked Whales in the Southern Hemisphere

A blog post by Nicholas Martino, a PLOS ONE senior publications assistant, about our paper on observations of  killer whale predations in the Bremer Canyon.

Scoop Magazine (Spring 2015 – Published October 2015) Killer Encounters

A longer article on the Bremer Canyon tours, our killer whale research and the Bremer Bay area.

Curtin University Media Release (September 2015) – Curtin orca-strates vital killer whale research

A wonderfully punny title for this media release on the Bremer Canyon killer whale acoustics paper published in PLOS ONE.

Australian Geographic (June 2015) – Australian town a killer place to see orcas.

An article describing the unique location that is the Bremer Canyon and the research we are conducting in it.

The West Australian (April 2015) – Bremer Canyon turns on orca feast.

An article from the end of the 2015 Bremer Canyon killer whale season

The West Australian (February 2015) – WA whale puzzle to be probed.

This article in The West Australian talks about the noise logger that I along with The Centre for Marine Science and Technology (CMST) deployed in the Bremer Canyon in February 2015.

Being A Marine Biologist

Conservation Careers (December 2013) – How to start out in marine biology?

In this article for Conservation Careers I talk about life as a marine biologist, how I got started and give advice for future marine biologists. You can read a blog by me about this article here.