Womenswear in Academia.

I have been thinking a lot lately about what women wear in science and how it affects how we are perceived. There is the fact that I don’t think I conform to any “standardised” view of what scientists should wear especially when away from the field. I have also been reading a few other blog posts on it and the articles they have linked to as well. It got me thinking about how women are perceived in science and teaching and how we influence that (for better or worse) through what we wear.

Posts such as:


Where the authors talk about their changing styles or how they have been perceived for what they have worn. As well as how different studies and research has shown that their male counterparts are taken to be better teachers and better professors right off the bat.

“Classwork was graded and returned to students at the same time by both instructors. But the instructor students thought was male was given a 4.35 rating out of 5 (in promptness). The instructor students thought was female got a 3.55 rating.” Researcher Lillian MacNell in the Slate article.

I mean that is just nuts is it not? Losing over a point in evaluation because of gender bias!

It got me thinking and also a little worried…what is going to happen one day am I going to be taken less seriously, seen to have less authority and believed to be less efficient just because I am a female. Is the fact that I like to wear a dress and ballet flats as opposed to a power suit or the tried and trusted “uniform” of jeans and a t-shirt going to skew the way I am seen by colleagues and students. If I wear a new outfit everyday does that mean I won’t be taking my teaching or marking seriously (“she looks like she cares too much about her clothes, she wore a different dress every day!”)? I shouldn’t at all, but from the studies and accounts it looks like my future students will! It appears right now females can’t win even if we do conform to female or academic stereotypes of not! What about at the other end of the dress spectrum if I wore field clothes all the time or the same jeans and a t-shirt would the other extreme be taken, that I don’t care about my appearance so how could I care about my work or marking (maybe this is a stretch but, at this point it is not hard to believe). I don’t think how I or other women, and men for that matter, dress should affect peoples perceptions of our ability to do our job in an efficient and competent manner or be able to give the viewer an insight into our intelligence.

When I am in the field and on the boat I obviously dress appropriately for what I am doing. I look like your standard field biologist:

That's me looking pretty snazzy!

Neon is everyones colour!

Me On Adrianus

Layers and coffee! The standard biologists outfit! Photo: © Sacha Guggenheimer

Me On Adrianus 2 - Big Hair Don't Care

Big hair, don’t care! Photo: © Damien Morales

However, this is how I dress day to day away from the field. If I was in the lab, office or giving a talk I am pretty certain I would be rocking something along these lines: