Riveting Reads – Shark Week Special!



A regular post of riveting reads from my travels around the internet this week! A selection of links, blogs, news articles, scholarly articles and images I am currently loving. This week is specially focused on Discovery Channel’s SHARK WEEK! That yearly television spectacular that had been bereft of facts in previous years but this year is winning back viewers and scientists with more fact focused programming.

Discovery Channel’s head of development and production say they have turned over a new leaf: Promising no more fake documentaries and real science and research!

Has Shark Week improved this year?: Eight ways to find out!

If you’re still unsure of why scientist get angry at Shark Week: Have a read of this article!

Who should you turn to for the facts this #SharkWeek: Look no further than this list of scientists and conservations on Twitter to follow as Shark Week airs.

Vox article by David Shiffman of @WhySharksMatter: Here brilliant shark scientist and impressive Twitter persona talks about his love/hate relationship with Shark Week.

Can’t take any more #SharkWeek?: Here is a cool alternative in #JacquesWeek follow Andrew David Thaler on a fascinating adventure though Jacques Cousteau most riveting documentaries.

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The WA Shark Cull Has To End

It was all over the news for a while and Facebook and probably your Twitter feed too. The Western Australia (WA) shark cull.

It all started because of a high number of shark attacks in quick succession in WA, causing the government to act quickly and rashly, imposing a trial lethal drum-line programme. Now after the end of the trial period (January 25th – April 30th 2014) the WA government are proposing to extend it to a 3-year lethal drum line programme. This time however they need to pass a federal environmental assessment unlike the trial which was granted temporary exemption under national environmental law because it was apparently deemed in the “national interest” of protecting public safety.

The outcomes from a similar 16 year lethal long-line programme operated in Hawaii (1959-1976) were ignored. At the end of the Hawaiian cull scientist concluded that it made no difference to shark attacks. It didn’t matter though as the Australian government decided to go ahead with the 13 week trial despite all the facts stacked against them. Using baited drum lines there were horrific scenes as sharks were baited and hooked then dragged out to sea alive and killed.

Over the 13 week trail 172 sharks were killed 163 of these were tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier) while zero were white sharks (Carcharodon carchariasthe species believed to be those involved in the recent attacks.