Crying is allowed.

I cry when I’m happy and I cry when I angry, I cry with laughter and I cry with frustration but this does but make me a weaker person or less good and what I do! When a woman cries though people freak out… why o’ why are women all hysterical, is she trying to get attention, is she not getting her own way and manipulating you. I’m here to tell you that this is in fact not the case I am not a hysterical women if bring salty tears with my emotions.

I was reading a post on Dynamic Ecology by Meghan Duffy entitled “There is crying in science. That’s okay” and it really resonated with me. After an emotional week of; missing my family and boyfriend, having some disappointing news and, being insulted about my surfboard mounting technique (after a frustrating hour trying to learn in some sloppy waves), I had cried or welled up a fair few times. For a second I worried that this could be seen as weakness but, I don’t feel weak when I cry I feel all the emotions I mentioned above but never weak or that I can’t go on.

If we’re going to have more women in science – and I hope we will – we’re going to have more crying in science”. one of Meghan Duffy from Dynamic Ecology’s mentors.



Megan links to an article that includes the unique case of Ben Barres who transitioned from female to male and noticed that with the transition and his increase in testosterone he lost the ability to cry easily. So I am innately built to cry more as a woman and due to my lower levels of testosterone I can’t control the tears that flow sometimes. Therefore, if I ever cry in your office or on your shoulder remember that I am releasing my emotions (good and bad) about the current situation and my life. I am not trying to manipulate your feelings. I also hope that in years to come I remember this simple thing if I am lucky enough to have student who come to me for advice or questions and get emotional. I hope that I don’t think that they are trying to manipulate my feelings and opinions of them and remember I am lucky they feel comfortable in my presence.

So let there be crying in science and in the world. Whether you are woman or a man who is crying it does not matter and it is okay. Let those emotions out, allow the release of your feelings and just cry. It makes you human it allows you to be who you are and it is not a sign of weakness. Remember…Crying Is Allowed.

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How Do You Find Focus?

A little change of pace with this post as I reach out to you. Yes You, out there!

How do you find focus and keep it? What do you do in order to keep going on one topic for hours? Especially in this world of continuous bombardment from social media, 24 hour news and a growing inability to “switch off” from everything.

You all know I love what I do as a career. I do however find it a struggle to focus sometimes. Some days I find it so hard to keep my focus on the task at hand even when I am so interested in the topic. Other times I do just fine and at crutch time there is no stopping me. However, I wish I had that momentum every day…maybe that is quite a BIG ask! I do hate being disappointed in myself and am probably pretty hard on myself too.

So What Helps You?


A run in the morning use to help me I think or it was a placebo effect of thinking it would help so it helped…Buuuuut at the moment my ankles are not a fan of the whole running thing (Doctors appointment to be booked!) but, I think there is a chance that I am actually missing it! Do you run or do other workouts that keep you going and help you focus?

Morning Run - Feels good, helps you focus?

Morning Run – Feels good, helps you focus?

What about a good snack?

I know that having nibbles and making sure that I don’t get hungry (HANGRY!) is key to keeping going! However, sitting and eating all day somedays isn’t the healthiest (will need to get on that running again!) even if I do try to choose healthy snacks sometimes it is hard to resist…:

Not the healthier choice this one but they sure were yummy!

Not the healthier choice this one but they sure were yummy!

Little Tipple?

What about when you work late into the evening? Do you find a little tipple helps of hinders? DIVE IN DEEPER HERE

Waiting For Whales To Breathe!

What do you do? I am asked that a lot. Also, what have you been up to recently with all that travelling? I do a lot of different things and everyone thinks I have the most crazy amazing career (and you know, I do!).

It can sound glamorous but what I spend a lot of time doing is just sitting or standing on a boat, eating a delicious combination of; trail mix, crackers, chocolate, and fruit, waiting……

For whales to breathe! 

It is an amazing, but by no means easy way to spend your time. I do however love nearly every minute of it. There are crazy days of high winds and big swells. White caps so severe that you would be lucky to spot a whale blow! On a good day it is the most wonderful place in the world to be, a light breeze in your hair as you scan the horizon waiting for that unusual movement to catch your eye. The whale blow, its massive exhalation of breath.

Blowing killer whale from the A36 brothers in Johnstone Strait, BC.

Blowing killer whale from the A36 brothers in Johnstone Strait, BC.